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Cozy up your furnace year-round with what just might be the best furnace plans around. (Not that we're playing favourites!)

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Keep your furnace humming happily with Harry's HomeProtect Plans.

or $175 yearly
Annual 21-Point Maintenance Inspection
24/7 Customer Service Available
Priority Service Scheduling
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HomeProtect Pro
or $550 yearly
All Previous Benefits
Quarterly Air Filter Delivery
Comprehensive Maintenance Checks & Extensive Reports
Installation Discounts
Top of Schedule Priority
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Equipment Age

Your heating system will keep you comfy for many more years.

Safety Checks

You'll enjoy that extra sense of safety with your heating system

No Hidden Cost

Indulge in extra warmth and security without hidden fees

24/7 Live Support

Reach out to our friendly team anytime, day or night, for help with any heating concerns.

Annual Maintenance

Taking good care of your heating system with regular maintenance ensures it runs smoothly and efficiently.

Comprehensive Coverage

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that most parts and labor are covered, reducing the risk of surprise repair expenses.

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Maintenance & Services
HomeProtect Pro
Annual Furnace Inspection
21 Point Check
21 Point Check
27 Point Check
Priority Service Scheduling
24/7 Emergency Service
Parts Coverage
Extended Warranty + 1.5y
Quarterly Air Filter Delivery
Reports & Discounts
Loyalty Credit per Year
Furnace Repair Discount
Heating Equipment Installation Discount
Annual Heating System Performance Report
Annual Heating Savings Report
Annual Basic IAQ Analysis


Some of our commonly asked questions.

What services and benefits are included in the Heating Protection Plan to ensure my heating system's reliability and efficiency?

The Heating Protection Plan encompasses comprehensive maintenance, priority service during emergencies, exclusive repair discounts, and the possibility of full system replacements. These services aim to maintain the efficiency and reliability of your heating system.

Can I achieve cost savings with this plan and access repair discounts?

Certainly, as a member, you'll enjoy repair and replacement discounts, reducing your overall heating system expenses. Regular maintenance also enhances energy efficiency, leading to long-term utility bill savings.

Is the plan flexible and adaptable to my unique heating system and needs?

Yes, our Heating Protection Plan is highly flexible and can be tailored to match your specific heating system and individual preferences, providing a customized solution

What's the procedure for requesting maintenance or repairs, and how quickly can I expect assistance during emergencies?

Requesting maintenance or repairs is straightforward. Contact our customer service hotline, and we'll promptly schedule a service visit. For emergencies, plan members receive top priority, ensuring swift assistance for your comfort and safety.

Are there any hidden fees, or is the pricing transparent and all-inclusive?

Our pricing structure is transparent and all-inclusive. You won't encounter any hidden fees or unexpected costs with our Heating Protection Plan. We aim to provide a clear understanding of expenses and benefits.

Regarding cancellation or transfer, what's the policy, and are there loyalty benefits for long-term members?

We offer flexibility for cancellation or transfer. Additionally, long-term members who renew annually may receive loyalty benefits as a token of our appreciation. These benefits can include special discounts or incentives to acknowledge your commitment to the plan.

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